City Events City Events City Hall in the Park Community meetings 120332793 Golden Shovel Award Jime McCeney, Mayor and Bobbie McCeney - 118898304 Mayor's Open House City Attorney Bob Manzi and Mayor Moe 118898301 City Council Meeting Mayor Moe, Councilman Smalls and Executive Assistant to the Mayor LouAnn Crook 118898302 Laurel Volunteer Fire Department Banquet Mayor Moe presents Firefighter of the year award Laura Catcart 118898303 CERT Meeting Mayor Moe and County Executive Baker attend the County CERT Meeting. 118554513 Maryland Municipal League Conference Finance Director Michele Saylor, Mayor and LouAnn Crook, Mayor's Executive Assistant - Standing in front of Laurel's Information Booth 118898305 Brady Press Room Standing in the White House press room 119266531 Maryland Municipal League Conference Mayor Moe and City Staff accept award from President Stu Cumbo. 118898306 West Wing Visit The Laurel delegation visiting the White House West Wing. 119266530 Laurel Day in Annapolis Mayor, LouAnn Crook and Kimberley Rau, Laurel's Annapolis Team 120332789 Banner City Announcement Mayor, Scott Hancock, Executive Director of MML, Councilman Smalls and President Stu Cumbo 120332790 Bill Signing in Annapolis 120332791 Speaking to the Kids 120332792 Mayor making presentation to youth at Cops Camp 120332794 Accepting an award from CERT 120332795 Check Presentation Mayor, Nancy Graham, LARS and Council President Smalls 120332796 Comments at BRAC meeting 120332797 Accepting the Tree City Award 120332798 Go Redskins! 120333145 LARS Open House and Ribbon Cutting Mayor, Councilmember Lehman, Sentor, Nancy Graham, Councilmember Mike Leszcz, former County Councilmember Dernoga 128966812 Laurel High School - Class of 2011 Mayor and Lt. Governor Brown 128966813 Making Remarks 128966814 Laurel's Main Street Festival 2013 180068133 Laurel City Council 2012 180068134 Team Laurel Councilmembers Crary, Smalls, Leszcz, Ricks and Nicholas 180068135 An Evening in the Park 180068136